Tuesday, 2 May 2017

CTS Interview Questions

Cognizant recruits in 3 rounds - 

1. Written (online)
2. Technical interview
3. HR

==> 1st round (online test):

Questions are simple but time management is the key, I'm sure everyone one can solve the problem of the question arises when you have to do it in limited time.

Online round is similar to CCSP pattern, if you have given it will be very helpful for you to understand the overall procedure, our college conducted CCSP before campus so that helped a lot, though I was not able to clear CCSP, but that gave me the precise knowledge about my strong areas and weak one as well. 

Online test includes small rounds of 10-20 min after every round there was a optional break of 1 min. Basically, question were asked from- 

- Vocabulary 

- Quant (mainly percentage, time and work, profit and loss, SI...). Quant is very easy but only problem 10 min max for this round around 8 -10 questions are there usually.

- Logical reasoning (scoring section do practice it).

- Paragraph (scoring round, don't read the whole paragraph straight away, first read the questions then try to find it in paragraph).

As I am writing this after 5 months hence placement so I am not able to recollect exactly what was asked but more or less this is what is usually asked.

Note: You can get specifics of the online round from others post as well, so I would like to tell you more about the approach for this round:

* give mock test 
* give mock test
* give mock test

==> 2nd round (TI):

More details : click here

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