Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Report of National Level Workshop on MATLAB on 17-02-2017

Department of Computer Science Conducted the National Level Workshop on MATLAB on 17-02-2017.

Rathinam college of Arts and Science, Department of Computer Science has conducted “National level workshop on MATLAB“ on 17th Feb 2017. The workshop was inaugurated and the Presidential address was given by Prof. R. Manickam, CEO and the Principal.   Special address about MATLAB and the session was handled by the Chief Guest Mr.S.Ramkumar, Kalasalingam University. During the inaugural, department of computer science has released the poster for the forth coming event “International Conference On Data Science & Analytics" during 23rd September 2017.

Workshop Theme is to aid researchers and programmers with the knowledge on the concept of MATLAB. Due to increase in parallelism in computer architecture and development of novel mathematical algorithm, research in many fields in Science and Engineering has started moving from theoretical to computational methods. There is a requirement to employ latest tools, computing facilities and innovative mathematical algorithms to solve complex engineering and science problems in cutting-edge research areas. Also in the areas of difficulties in carrying out direct experiments to understand the underlying basic principles, simulations are needed. Also the non-linearity existing in the system of differential equations related to the solving industrial problems demands special focus on modeling.

Thus the main purpose of this workshop is to get the participants familiar with existing computational tools available to solve complex mathematical elements appearing in their area of research. The workshop was emphasised on the introduction to various topics on MATLAB programming and its practical using tool boxes such as ANN, Fuzzy logic, optimisation, data analysis and curve fitting.


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